Stepmom Drains My Balls – S4:E2

Jason knows that he’s supposed to go to a family reunion with his dad and stepmom, Casca Akashova. He tires to ask Casca to get out of it, but she reminds him that he knows he has to go. Changing tactics, Jason tell Casca that he’s run out of toothpaste and asks if he can go into her bathroom to get some. When he gets permission, he actually borrows one of his dad’s dick pills so he can have a good time before the reunion. Jason is in his bed jacking off when Casca comes in to see what he’s doing. He can’t hide his stiffie fast enough, which embarrasses him and leaves Casca confused about what’s he’s up to.When his stepmom comes to sit on the bed and talk to him, Jason confesses that he took a whole pill and his dick has been rock hard for the past two hours. The only solution, according to Casca, is to have his balls drained. Jason can either go to the doctor or he can have his stepmom take care of it for him. Casca helps Jason decide by popping her incredible boobies out for him to stare at as he makes up his mind. Jason tries to argue, but given the two options he picks his stepmommy. Casca doesn’t hesitate for even a minute before getting in there to deep throat Jason’s cock. Sucking his balls and stroking the root, Casca proves she’s an expert. Her blowjob gets hotter and hornier the longer it goes on, but Jason still can’t cum!Casca’s next idea is to fuck Jason so he can finally blow his load. She starts things off in cowgirl so Jason can watch her huge enhanced titties bounce with every stroke. Turning around, Casca gives it to her stepson in reverse cowgirl so Jason can squeeze her ass and enjoy every single jiggle. When Casca falls onto her back and spreads her thighs, Jason slams back inside. Between Jason’s strokes and rubbing her own clit, Casca is soon moaning her climax yet again. Her plump pussy gobbles Jason’s fuck stick, squeezing him towards an orgasm of his own. He pulls out and lets Casca urge him to give her a titty fuck, which finally brings him off. Opening wide, Casca takes a mouthful of her stepson’s cum. They don’t have time to bask in the hotness of it before they rush to get ready to meet Jason’s dad and go to the reunion.